Baillie Gifford Early Careers

Technology Solutions Graduate Programme

In summer 2021, we’ve been hired by Heehaw, a Scottish-based Video Production Company, to join a cool project for the Baillie Gifford brand and their Graduate Programme.
The video was about a videogame character that evolves during her journey, starting from an 8bit style moving on to more recent videogame’s styles.We took care of the 16bit part that was one the most extensive ones, including a full “level”, the selection screen, and the official video title.
We worked side by side with the Heehaw director and producers and it was a real pleasure to see this project coming together so nicely.

Our part was done in Photoshop and animated in Aseprite and After Effects.

title ourparts

Baillie Gifford – Technology Solutions Graduate Programme Video (16bit part) from Edo Faravelli on Vimeo.

title screenshots
baillie gifford 01
baillie gifford 02
baillie gifford 03
title credits

Pixel Art: Manolo “The Oluk” Saviantoni *

Pixel Animation and Compositing: Edo Faravelli *

Agency: HeeHaw 

Client: Baillie Gifford

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​* 16bit parts only

title fullvideo

Baillie Gifford Early Careers


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