Hi my name’s Manolo Saviantoni, I am 35 years old and live in Ciampino (a small town near Rome) with my wonderful family.
I am surrounded by beautiful girls, my wife, of course, and my amazing three daughters.I have been working as a graphic designer and illustrator since 1999. At present, I am Art Director of the communication agency I work for.


My path as a Pixel Artist started a year ago just for fun…I usually take the train to get to work, so I thought:  “Why should I waste the time I spend travelling ?
What can I do during my 15-minute trip ?”.
That’s how I started looking for a software I could use on my phone in order to fill that time.

While looking throughout the store, I bumped into a pixel art app. The drawing area was very small (only 24×24 pixels), so I asked myself:

  “Will I be able to draw something appealing in such a small area ?”

But I thought it was worth a try. First I started making small animals in pixel art, I created my own style and began to post those creations on Instagram.

The funniest thing was getting home at night and asking my daughters to guess who those characters were.I noticed that my daughters were not the only ones enjoying my drawings, so I thought I could post more on my Instagram feed:
– famous personalities
– cartoons
– made-up charactersall sharing the style I created. Lots of people loved this, so I kept on doing it, since I like the idea of people taking delight in my creations.


In this period I’ve been constantly asked to work as Pixel Artist. I’m about to publish very important projects, follow me on my official channels or on my website.I discovered APP Leblox through social networks, and I used it to design one of my usual characters by adding or deleting cubes through a fun and user-friendly interface;

 I was absolutely delighted by the possibiliity to create a real 3D character.For this reason I decided to create my own set of 3D Blox’s animals.

I choose animals because they are the first kind of characters that allowed me to be known as Pixel Artist.

I hope you like it because I’m going to create new series of characters.My advice is to use LEBLOX and have fun creating new characters!